What is Thread?

Thread is a networking protocol designed for supporting low-powered devices. This includes smart locks, doorbells, fans, and thermostats. All 2nd-generation eero hardware—including 2nd generation eeros and eero Beacons—is built to support the Thread protocol.

How do I enable Thread?

In order to use Thread devices, you will first need to enable the Thread feature. To enable this feature, first make sure your network is running a minimum version of eeroOS 3.7.0 and you are using the latest mobile app (v2.14.0 or greater). Once confirmed, open the eero app, tap on the menu button, tap on Network Settings, and tap on Advanced Settings. In the Advanced Settings page, there will be a section for Thread. Tap on this section, and enable Thread. Doing so will reboot your network. Please note that Thread functionality will not be active on Bridged networks.

How do I add Thread enabled devices

Once you’ve taken the steps to enable Thread, you will see a new section in the Connected Devices area of the eero mobile app. Tapping “+” in the upper right corner will allow you to select “Thread” and begin the Thread commissioning process. Your mobile phone must be connected to your eero network in order to use Thread commissioning.

Thread devices typically include a QR commissioning code. Scanning this code will begin the process to add a Thread product to your eero network.

Where can I find Thread devices?

The Thread ecosystem is still young with most available devices being targeted to product makers and developers. The Thread Group website lists certified hardware and components. The OpenThread guide also suggests products and shows how to get started building your own Thread based solution.

If I’m a device maker or developer, how can I contact eero?

Please contact developers@eero.com.

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