iAquaLink Setup and Troubleshooting Guide

What is iAquaLink?

iAquaLink is a remote pool control system that allows you to control temperature, pumps, filters, lights etc for your pool and spa systems.

iAquaLink Setup

The original iAquaLink does not support WPA2 or greater, the security protocol used by eero, however, iAquaLink 2.0 is WPA2 compatible. As a result, the original iAquaLink must use an ethernet connection while the iAquaLink 2.0 can connect wirelessly. iAquaLink 2.0 can be set up wirelessly using their Hotspot Method. Details for setup and troubleshooting are included below. Additionally, you can find detailed setup and troubleshooting instructions for iAquaLink systems in their support manual.

Wired Setup:

Wired setup is required for early generation iAquaLink systems.

  1. Confirm that the internet connection switch on the iAquaLink is set to the wired position
  2. Connect the ethernet cable into the ethernet port on the iAquaLink
  3. Within 2 minutes, the yellow LED should stop blinking on the iAquaLink. When the green LED illuminates, the iAquaLink is connected.

WiFi Setup (iAquaLink 2.0 and greater):

WiFi setup requires connecting via hotspot on your cell phone. When using this method, the iAquaLink device broadcasts a network simply named “iAquaLink” for your smartphone to connect to. Selecting the network will allow you to choose or enter your WiFi network’s name and password. If the iAquaLink LED turns green, it’s successfully connected to the WiFi.

  1. After clearing the WiFi settings, by physically toggling the WiFi-Wired switch to Wired then back to Wi-Fi, use a smartphone or WiFi enabled device to go to WiFi settings and connect to the network labeled "iAquaLink".
  2. Some devices will automatically redirect you to the Log In Screen. If not, open a browser and go to zodiac.com
  3. iAquaLink will display the networks it detects, as well as signal strength. Select the network iAquaLink should use. If prompted for a password, enter the password for the home network (case sensitive). iAquaLink will disconnect from the smartphone at this point.


If the process fails, the iAquaLink device will need to have its memory cleared by physically toggling the WiFi-Wired switch to Wired then back to WiFi. This will restart setup mode so you may attempt to connect it to your eero network again.

  • Due to the way iAquaLink searches for networks it is best practice to Disable the 5GHz Network to get setup. To do this via the eero app follow the instructions below.
    • Go to Settings--Troubleshooting--My device won’t connect. This will allow you to temporarily hide the 5g broadcast.
  • Please remove any special characters from SSID/Password.
  • If you still are unable to connect, we recommend you contact iAquaLink for further assistance.

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