What is Wi-Fi 6E and what is the benefit?

Wi-Fi 6E extends the Wi-Fi 6 standard into the 6 GHz spectrum. With customers adding more devices to their homes year after year, wifi is more congested than ever. Wi-Fi 6E helps clear the way for faster speeds on more devices, thanks to recently authorized access to the 6 GHz band - the biggest increase in spectrum available to wifi since the 5 GHz band was authorized. In addition to 160 MHz channel support, the 6 GHz band offers a whole new wifi “lane,” freeing up the 2.4 & 5 GHz bands on tri-band systems to operate more efficiently, which is particularly helpful to mesh networks.  eero Pro 6E supports fast speeds and direct access to the new 6GHz band when using Wi-Fi 6E devices, and for older Wi-Fi devices, the ability to utilize 6 GHz for wireless backhaul between eero devices can still help lower delays across your entire network.

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