How do I close my eero account and delete my data?

If you’d like to close your eero account and delete your data, you are able to do so through the eero mobile application (requires versions 6.18.0 or later of the eero App). You also have the option to request account closure and data deletion by sending an e-mail to or by contacting eero Customer Service at the relevant telephone number listed here. Please note that this process is permanent and cannot be undone.


If you proceed with account deletion, once your eero account is closed, you will immediately lose access to any eero devices and services associated with your closed account. This includes:

  • All eero networks owned by your account will be deleted, including their settings
  • All eero subscriptions, such as eero Secure or eero Secure+, associated with your account which will be canceled without a refund unless required by our terms or by law
  • You will lose access to any eero networks you have permission to manage as admin

Once your account is deleted, your networks, services, and other data will no longer be available and cannot be restored. eero is not able to recover any deleted accounts, so please be sure that you want to take these steps before proceeding. Your eero network(s) will go offline, and any devices connected to those networks will no longer be able to reach the internet through the offline eero network(s).


If you later wish to use products or services that require an eero account, you will need to create a new eero account

Additionally, if you received your eero device(s) from a service provider you still intend to use (such as your ISP), deletion may cause service provider account disruptions. Your service provider will not be able to reinstitute or create an eero account on your behalf to resolve such disruptions.


Please see the steps below for deleting your account: 


  1. Open the eero Application
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Tap on Account settings
  4. At the bottom of the Account settings screen, tap ‘Delete account and data’ 
  5. Once you’ve reviewed the text, tap the checkbox next to ‘I want to permanently close my account and delete my data’
  6. Tap the ‘Delete account and data button’


If you do not currently have an active network, you can follow the steps below: 


  1. Open the eero Application and tap ‘Already have an account?’ to log in
  2. Once you’re logged in, tap the ‘I want to delete my account and data’ button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Once you’ve reviewed the text, tap the checkbox next to ‘I want to permanently close my account and delete my data’
  4. Tap the ‘Delete account and data button’

Please be advised that eero is legally required or entitled to retain some types of data, such as order history. We do this in line with applicable laws including for tax, accounting and fraud prevention purposes. If you linked your eero and amazon account, or purchased or received your eero products or services from another entity (such as Amazon or your internet service provider), these entities may control data and you may wish to also exercise your data rights with those entities directly.

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