eero for Professional Installers

eero for Pro-installers (EPI) is a program eero is introducing to its professional, system integrator and custom installer partners. 

Program Benefits:

  • eero Insight analytics: Pro installers leverage eero’s powerful network management solutions to troubleshoot issues without any truck rolls
  • Mobile management flexibility: Manage and transfer networks with ease using a mobile device; customers can self manage using eero’s app as well
  • Dedicated support: eero is there for you as your business scales and as a thought partner every step of the way

*All software benefits come embedded for 5 years with select hardware purchases. Contact your eero rep for more details.  

Manage networks from anywhere 

eero for Professional Installers allows Pro/CIs to proactively and efficiently manage customer networks. With eero Insight, you’re able to view, troubleshoot, and manage networks remotely.

  • Easily see networks with issues that need attention
  • Take quick troubleshooting actions like running a speed test or remotely rebooting a network
  • Leverage mobile optimized eero Insight for advanced analytics to understand recurring problems

eero Insight Analytics

Leverage advanced analytics at the palm of your hands to remediate issues as they arise. 

  • eero Insight users can access eero Insight anytime and anywhere securely on their mobile devices
  • Mobile friendly designs without taking away the benefits of eero Insight network analysis and metrics
  • Desktop version also available for advanced management needs

eero Insight: Premium Features

Advanced feature built for eero’s global service provider partners now available to Pros.

  • Assess slow networks based on speed test history to determine anomalies vs. regular slow performance
  • Understand outages and associated reasons along with durations for downtime
  • Develop a better understanding of network health - channel utilization, reboots, noise or other issues
  • Evaluate what actions triggered network performance changes through audit logs

Secure your fleet with the latest firmware updates

Update networks to the latest eero firmware with one-click.

  • Ensure you’re ahead of problems and are running on the latest certified firmware version offered by eero
  • Pro installers can get ahead of customer issues and just request eero Insight driven network updates to latest firmware

Monitor an individual network’s activity

Introducing historical context at an individual network level: The new Network Analysis section in eero Insight comprises the Activity Center with summarized trends at a network level and key points of interest. 

The Activity Center is a natural drilldown for fleet dashboards (for admins) and a gateway to historical network data (for CX agents).

Analysis at network level cover:

  1. Speed test history
  2. Outage detection
  3. Usage (data and bandwidth)
  4. eero Secure

Readily identify causes for downtime

Provide visibility into outage reasons when an eero is offline.

  • Pro installers can readily view why an eero is offline
  • You no longer need to spend time asking a customer questions such as “which eero went down?”, “when did it go down ?”, “how long was it down for?” etc.
  • Takes the guesswork out of why an eero went offline, by making the outage reason readily available, enabling pro-installers to quickly troubleshoot and restore connectivity.
  • Enables users to quickly identify next steps to bring eeros back online and reduce downtime, improving end user experience and reduce time to resolution

Know to act before customers report an issue

  • Examine bandwidth usage across different households and speed plans. 
  • Visualized network usage for high, medium, and low bandwidth use allows your team to proactively identify over- or under-utilized networks. 
  • Historical and point-in-time views can be used to enhance the customer experience.

Identify why Reboots happen

Assess customers' networks to see common issues and root causes for network reboots.

  • Communicates common reasons for eero reboots by gateway, leaf and/or networks. 
  • Visibility into 15+ reboot reasons.
  • Can view historical reboot events in day, week or month view

Travel back in time to quickly identify connectivity issues

With Topology History, you can visualize and identify network topology in both real-time, and historically. Topology History enables you to:

  • Identify key events that affected wifi
  • and connectivity.
  • Map different parts of the network to identify areas and times with poor connectivity scores.
  • Recreate the network connections at key points in time to efficiently troubleshoot wifi problems.
  • Filter out high, medium, and low events to focus attention on most important issues.

Note: This feature is best suited to be used on a desktop

Audit actions that are taken in a network, down to the user.

Accurately retrace the history within a network to determine if any previous actions resulted in performance degradation issues. 



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