Why don’t the colors of my eeros in the app match the eero LEDs?

The colors in the app and the LEDs were actually designed to indicate different states.

If your app shows your eeros outlined in green and the eero LED is white, your network is connected and working properly. The white LED means the eero is up and running, while the app shows the eeros as green to confirm they’re good to go.

If the eeros on the eero app are outlined in yellow, but the eero LED is white, it means your eero is configuring, or in the process of setting up. Sit tight!

If your eero app shows eeros in green, but the eero LEDs are flashing white, it means the eero is booting up. Just sit tight for a few minutes and the LED should turn solid white.

Finally, if the eeros on the app are green, but the eero LED is red, the red eero is offline and not meshing properly. Your app should update to match the red LED state you see on the eero.  It may take a moment for the app to receive this update from the cloud. For tips on how to troubleshoot a red LED on an eero, check this.


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