What is the eero Plus Activity Center?


The Activity Center allows eero Plus customers to view the number of inspections, threat blocks, and content blocks per network for that week. Information is updated in-app regularly and refreshed every Sunday morning. In addition to the total count of blocks, subscribers can also see the categories of each block.


How can I access eero Plus activity center?

When using iOS, tap on the Activity tab on the main menu. You’ll be able to see an overview on each of the Plus filter categories, and you can tap on any of the graphs for a more in-depth examination.

Only eero Plus customers will be able to access the Activity Center.

Within each section, you can also view the total number of Inspections, Threat Blocks, and Content Filters by day, week, and month.

What do the metrics mean?

  • Inspections: As you browse the web, each site you visit loads content such as ads, images, and extra code from hundreds if not thousands of sources. These transactions happen almost instantaneously and can contain harmful content. eero Plus inspects each transaction to ensure it’s safe before it loads.

  • Threat blocks: If an Inspection determines a site is harmful, it will block the site before it loads. This is called a Threat Block and is reported in the Activity Center under four different categories:
    • Malware blocks - Software that can harm your network and connected devices.
    • Spyware blocks - Commonly found in suspicious ads, spyware can be used to track your online behavior, or in more serious cases, all network activity.
    • Phishing blocks - When an attacker poses as a trustworthy website to get you to provide your personal information.
    • Botnet blocks - When you or a device inadvertently attempts to access a website that has been associated with a botnet.
  • Safe Filters: eero Plus automatically tags sites that contain violent, illegal, or adult content so you can choose what your kids can and cannot visit right in the eero app.

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