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The Block Apps features can be found in the eero Plus section of the Discover tab. It can be used to block apps by name, or through certain categories. These blocks are set on a per Family Profile basis, so devices will need to be added to a profile before these filters can be used.

How can I block a specific App?

Using the Search function in the Block Apps menu, you can search for apps by name and select them to be blocked for that profile. This will block only that specific app, and not similarly named apps (i.e blocking the Facebook app will not also block the Facebook Messenger app). 

How do Categories work?

You can select to block all apps that fall under a specific category so you don’t need to manually block several apps that are similar, such as Facebook and Twitter.

I blocked an App but I can still load it. Why?

This block will take some time to properly apply. That said, some apps will continue to display data when offline, such as Facebook Messenger. This data will be cached, and not actually current. You can clear your devices’ or the apps’ cached data, which may require deleting and reinstalling the app.

Other Expected Behavior

Enabling a block will prevent devices on that profile from accessing known domains associated with that app. eero will use best efforts to maintain the list of known domains associated with these apps, and update it when needed. Due to some apps changing services and domains over time, some access may not be blocked immediately.

When an app is blocked, it will still be downloadable from your devices’ app store. Once downloaded, access to the app will be as if your device has no internet access, or is in airplane mode.

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